Freezer Beef Sales
We sell high quality beef for your freezer by the side or a whole cow.  This is the most cost effective way for you to get high quality freezer beef. A lot of our repeat customers get family or neighbors to share the meat and cost , so they can get the savings of buying by the head instead of by the pound.
 All cattle taken to the processors are over 1000 lb live weight. We will deliver to the plant you choose within 25 miles.
You select the cuts you want , the thickness, and size of packages.
 All beef is vacuum packed and frozen for you to pick up at the processor.   (Due to current laws, delivery is not available for this option)
 Due to the high demand we have a waiting list for freezer beef. There is no cost to get on the list.
Due to record high cattle prices, we regret we must increase our prices. Check cattle prices @ NC Dept of Agriculture website. Now a 575 # calf cost $1437 and we have to feed another year.

Summer 2015 Prices as of 4/20/15
Whole cow : $1500 plus processing
Half Cow    : $800   plus processing
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